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Providing the perfect foundation for every room is our mission and our pleasure.

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One of a kind antique and semi-antique rugs: 
Persian, Chinese, Turkish, Indian, American Indian, Hooked and Pakistani.
Appraisals, rug cushions, rug washing and rug restoration services.
A curated collection of art, pottery, lighting  and nomadic jewlery. 

Afghan salt bags

Utilitarian beauty

Originating as a way to transport grain sucessfully throughout the mountainous regions of Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan salt bags and saddle bags are both artfully woven and utilitarian. These are a perfect pairing of the nomadic culture and the tribal expression. Highly collectable there are a variety of shapes and sizes available and the designs are expressions of the weaver. 

Displaying the pieces is very varied -- they can be hung on the wall, placed over a railing, chair or sofa. 

A collection of pieces that are antique as well as semi-antique are available.