We invite you to browse our remarkable collection of
​fine works of art on paper.

Herbarium specimen, local natural history. Sagattaria latifolia from Kent Connecticut complete with the dragon fly larvae.

lithograph  /  engraving  /  etching  /  woodblock  /  watercolor

Come to understand the quality of beauty presented
by a frame, carved and finished by artisans who employ
classical techniques to express exquisite beauty.

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paper conservation including:


 documents, manuscripts and books


oil painting repair and maintenance


textile conservation


frame restoration

Paper Conservation Treatment 

Photos capture before and after paper conservation treatment. Note at least seven different kinds of ink with varying solubility.

Fully Archival Manuscript Mounting

A fragile manuscript is gently placed over thin, long fibered Japanese tissue. The edges of the tissue are loosely folded around the edges of the manuscript. The manuscript, unaltered, is supported throughout. This was refit into an antique frame. This method is an inexpensive option for mounting a manuscript.

Painting Restoration​​

Oil painting cleaning.  This is a dramatic affect of a very conservative, gentle cleaning.
Japanese Tissue Hinges
​Japanese tissue hinges are applied using rice starch paste.

​​Preparing and cutting oversized acrylic by hand

Unique Preservation

Peat & Scotch

This peat is used in the filtration process when they make certain kinds of Scotch whiskey. We were asked to preserve this for sentimental reasons.
The Arts Alliance of Woodbury
Celebrating Local Artists
Host Receptions
Roxbury artist Gertrude Barrer is the subject of an in depth discussion celebrating her cultural contributions through the arts. Presented by Marc Chabot.
This reception celebrated the intricate thread paintings of Warren artist, Missy Stevens.